High Branch Conservation Services helps clients optimize the value of open space by providing wildlife knowledge, conservation leadership, and strategic communication. We serve conservation groups and natural resource agencies in the Northeast and adjacent regions. We also advise landowners, foresters, and farmers on wildlife-friendly management practices. What can we do for you?



Promote abundance and native diversity

High Branch provides information and guidance on how to support thriving animal populations across a variety of habitats and land uses. Our services include: wildlife enhancement; natural resource inventory, monitoring, and mapping; and conservation finance solutions



Accomplish big conservation ideas

High Branch helps volunteer and professionally staffed organizations carry out new projects. We specialize in building science and conservation partnerships that deliver results. We offer workshop facilitation, strategic planning, fundraising, project implementation, and evaluation services. Read more…



Energize and inform your supporters

High Branch uses the power of words and images to highlight and extend your conservation achievements. We produce stories about people and place, customized maps and field guides, and professionally designed photo books and reports. We also offer guided outings and public presentations. Read more…

High Branch Conservation Services

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